Member Testimonials

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“If you’re serious about being a recruiting professional you need to be involved with this professional association!”

 “The Technical Recruiter Training conferences are great. I have learned a lot and the speakers are top-notch!”

“Thanks to the candidate leads and sharing at CTRN, I was able to fill one of my critical positions quickly and at no expense.”

“I really appreciate the quick feedback from the CTRN group whenever I have a question about where to find certain candidates I am searching for.”

“I really appreciated the recruiter compensation survey that a fellow CTRN member did and shared with the group. It helped me set appropriate expectations for this marketplace.”

“The training event that CTRN did at the Pepsi Center with Shally Steckerl was great!”

“I really enjoy the support and friendships I have developed over the years with everyone I have met at CTRN.”

“I was proud to find out that CTRN has given over $30,000 in college scholarships to deserving Colorado students pursuing IT careers.”